About K-Kleen Sneakers & Shoe Services

K-Kleen is a Shoe & Sneaker care service Brand established in 2020. We provide viariety of services for your beloved shoes such as cleaning, restoration, customization, leather polish, de-odoring, water repellent, sole protection.

  • Our Cleaning Services
  • Repair Services
  • Unyellowing Treatment
  • Water Repel / Polish / De-odor
  • Sole Shield
  • Restoration / Customization
  • Leather Restoration

Since establishment in 2020, we have serviced more than 15,000 pairs of shoes (and counting!). Available in Cape Town, South Africa and Nigeria

Every pair of shoes deserves a second chance to shine!

We at K-Kleen Sneakers & Shoe Services, provide premium shoe cleaning services. Keeping Your Favorite Shoes in The Best Condition is our goal.

At K-Kleen Sneakers & Shoe Services, we pamper your shoes by providing them the treatment they deserve.
We offer quality care services and our experts use a deep cleaning methodology to bring your shoes back to life and keep your kicks looking fresh.

Our specialists have years of experience and strive to ensure a high standard of quality and care for every sneakers and shoes we service. With our commitment to excellence, we deliver high quality with exceptional service and affordable prices.

K-Kleen Sneakers & Shoe Services is your one-stop shoe laundry service. Give us a call, and get your shoes picked for top-class cleaning.

Why Choose K-Kleen Services?

  • Quality Shoe Cleaning Equipment’s
  • Professional shoe cleaning team
  • Keeps your shoes shining as new
  • Certified International Brands
  • Pick & Drop At Your Doorstep
  • Delightful Customer Experience

K-Kleen Sneakers & Shoe Services

We offer quality service